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Hyper Realism

Hyper-realistic Wolf Tattoo

Grey-Scale Photo Realism

Greyscale Photo-realistic Skulls Tattoo

Colour Realism

Colour Photo-Realistic Tiger Tattoo


Gypsy Girl Tattoo - Traditional

New School

Hyper-Colour Flower Tattoo

Grey-scale Love the Music Tattoo

Girls & Guns Tattoo


Roger has been involved and committed to the industry for well over a decade, and professionally tattooing for six years, has worked in some of Joburg's premier commercial studios.


Studio & Hygiene

Private studio in a calm setting, with no interruptions like you'd found in a commercial shop environment which allows both client and artist the peace of mind to focus on the job at hand, hygiene is of utmost importance and complies to international health and safety industry standards.


Highest Safety Standards
Our Studio follows Worldwide Standards to ensure that all our clients, get the best & safest service available today.
Highly Qualified and Professional Artists
With over 12 years of experience, we are always available to discuss any ideas you may be considering.
Always up to date with the Latest Trends
We closely follow the daily trends in our favourite industry, to be able to offer a world-class service to new & old clients alike.
EVILINK - Tattoo Studio, 28 Hoeveld Rd, Ruimsig, Honeydew 1724